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What our customers are saying

The team at Holsters by Defense Training is committed to going above and beyond to guarantee a satisfying experience for every customer that chooses to shop with us. We’re excited to share some of their feedback with you and invite you to submit your own testimonial today.

J. Carroll

"I really appreciate the latest holster I got from you and the adjustments it has. It is definitely my favorite and it is super comfortable to wear all day long. It stays tight against my body and doesn't get in the way. I am really super happy with it, more so than I expected."

E. Peterson

"This holster fits well, feels good, and conceals my P365 well."

M. Justice

"This holster is more comfortable than my others for my S&W Bodyguard."

T. Jones

"I really like this holster for OWB carry of my Hellcat."

R. Hartnett

"These holsters work well."

A. Gianni

"The holster fits and feels good after adjusting it to my preference."


"Dude, I love my new OWB holster"

G. Hurt

"Purchased this holster for my Taurus G3 w/Holosun 507c optic and I am very pleased w/my purchase. I can clip it to my jeans w/out a belt and the pistol draws perfectly. The optic hood is ingenious... just what I've been wanting. This makes much better sense than buying a holster that's shorter in length to accommodate an optic. Thank you!!"

A. Whitfield

"This holster is so much more comfortable than the other holsters I've bought".



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