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This is a custom made part here in our shop for the aid in Church Safety / Security. You push the push bar on the door in to unlock the bar and slide this Bar Pin over the push bar and it holds it unlocked without the need to actually unlock the push bar. If you ever need to close and lock the door quickly you simply pull the Bar Pin as you're closing the door and it'll lock automattically since the push bar was never unlocked in the first place, it was just being held in the open position. This can aid in emergency lock scenarios with no need to try and fumble with the allen key, you just pull the Pin! Maybe you have a mob or active shooter heading through the parking lot, or a violent drunk where you need to make a barrier fast to deter and buy as much time as possible. We designed this for our own Church and like it so much we're offering it as a product now. This Bar Pin is for the push bars with space between the glass door and the push bar, typically the front door of the Church building. It's made of HDPE plastic that we machine to your door bar size. It comes brush finished in either white, black, or light grey (our favorite is light grey) and has a grooved channel cut in the top portion of the Bar Pin for a good grip. We can do small or large door bars, you'll just have to enter your bar size in when ordering and we'll get it shipped out ASAP, usually take 3-5 business days to ship. When measuring the size of the bar pushed in you may need someone to measure as you hold it in getting it as close as possible. We will make the Bar Pin about 1/8" wider than the push bar pushed all the way in, this allows it to fit snug but also easy to remove. When measuring the space between the door and push bar (the space behind the push bar) make sure to get it as close as possible as well, we don't want it too snug behind the bar so it's not too hard to pull out. 

We make these Bar Pins right here in the USA in Anderson, SC. We will ship them out in a padded flat rate priority mail padded envelope. The shipping cost is what USPS is charging at time of shipping. We can ship up to 10 in 1 padded envelope so the cost for 1-10 shipped is the same. If you have a larger order please contact us for bulk rate and shipping at 

Push Bar Quick Release Bar Pin

SKU: Bar Pin
$29.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
Bar Pin Color
  • This item usually ships within 6-8 business days depending on size of order. The larger orders will take a little longer than the smaller 1-2 item orders. We ship them in a USPS priority flat rate padded envelope for one standard cost of the going rate for that service to us from USPS at the time of order. The shipping is for 1-10 of the Bar Pins, If you need more than 10, please contact us for shipping and a discount rate.

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